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Any idea if I can use C# to make the payment through a Xcode app? Or is there any way I can let a person with an iPhone pay me? A: In the app you would call a method on your server that takes a credit card, adds it to an order, and then processes that order. You don't need to allow the customer to enter a credit card. The only thing they need is a payment method, and what you can do is hold your money until the order is complete. For example, if you accept Apple Pay, they don't enter their card number, they just tap a button on their iPhone and it "automatically" takes care of it. If you're interested in Apple Pay, there is a good open-source library called Apple Pay JS. I think the Apple Pay JS project even includes an Apple Pay for iphone app and an iOS app. The iOS app is built to support Apple Pay, it's just not finalized yet. to feed on other peoples' work. Scenario 2 In scenario 2, customers leave comments on our site (and our stores). We have a mechanism to moderate them, and we take measures to prevent the "inappropriate" comments from going through. We also remove the comments, once moderated, so that the customer does not see the moderation process. We keep this even if there are no replies to the comment. I have to admit I'm a bit proud that my website comments are moderated and don't appear publicly. It's true that I could manually delete comments that are no longer relevant. However, this would mean that the customer would see the comment on his screen. I don't want to encourage customers to comment at all, because I'd rather they make a purchase instead of engaging in a discussion. Scenario 3 In scenario 3, customers leave comments that are actually useful and beneficial to the company. If the comment is clearly and appropriately related to our products, we'll use it to promote the company. Scenario 4 In scenario 4, customers leave comments that are definitely not constructive. They make demands, make personal attacks, and generally are self-serving. These comments may be deleted if we have the time to deal with them, but I'm not particularly concerned about them, because the likelihood of the customer responding is minimal. That's my set of four scenarios




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Prosim737 License Crack jamaarmy

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